Report! West Michigan Tune-Up

Our 2021-2022 tournament calendar began with an extremely tough event! The West Michigan Tune-Up, which is designed to help players prepare for the fall tournament calendar locally and regionally, was filled with strong players in the open section. 23 players participated in all with 17 in the Open and 6 in the scholastic. The openContinue reading “Report! West Michigan Tune-Up”

GRCC Player Highlight: Will Brooks

Grand Rapids is experiencing a boom in chess! The Grand Rapids Chess Center has over 40 paying members and is rolling out a full-year chess calendar for local players and enthusiasts, while also seeking to draw players from the greater Midwest. Our desire is to make Grand Rapids and West Michigan a draw to competitiveContinue reading “GRCC Player Highlight: Will Brooks”

Opening Repertoire Selection Using a Chess Database

by VP Henry Rankin Choosing an opening Repertoire is no small task for any chess player. Personal tastes, psychological comfort, and general opening knowledge all come into play. Using an opening database to help provides for a more reasoned approach to explore better fitting choices. What follows is my effort to choose a repertoire thatContinue reading “Opening Repertoire Selection Using a Chess Database”

Fischvogt, Eastwood, and Maliepaard Shine at the Inaugural Caledonia Quick Mini Swiss

Report By Henry Rankin Competitive chess invaded the bonnie lands of Caledonia Michigan on a misty, memorable, and colorful autumn day. A comfortable location in the Library‚Äôs community room belied the fighting quality of chess played on Saturday October 26, 2019. This was the Inaugural Caledonia Quick Mini Swiss organized by the Grand Rapids ChessContinue reading “Fischvogt, Eastwood, and Maliepaard Shine at the Inaugural Caledonia Quick Mini Swiss”