GRCC Kidz!

Do you have a child that would be interested in joining the Grand Rapids Chess Center? We have so many opportunities for your child to get involved in. See more information below.

GRCC Kidz Opportunties!

Chess Center Coaches
– Weekly Coaching
– Structured Learning
– Trained Coaches

Improve Your Game
– Competitive Skills
– Chess Knowledge
– Tournament Prep!

Have Lots of Fun!
– Monthly Tournaments
– Fun Challenges
– Friends and Fun

Start with a Membership!

To be a part of the Grand Rapids Chess Center you will need to get a membership. This will give you access to ALL of the benefits listed above! Memberships for students 18 years old and under is $20 per year. For larger families there are discounts available. Go to the membership page to download the form and fill out.

Start Attending!

Join our weekly meetings from 6:30-9:00. Coaching will occur from 6:30-7:00 each week. Tournaments and special events will go from 7:00-8:00 each week. Sometimes this is just games between players and other times it will be a fun tournament to help the students improve.

Upcoming Schedule

July 20th
GRCC Kidz Kickoff!
Join us for a FREE tournament for our Kidz!
Winner will earn a Skittles candy bag and everyone will have fun! Coaching from 6:30-7:00 and those not interested in the event can just play friends on the side.

July 27th
Hershey Challenge #1
The 4th week of each month is our GRCC Kidz Hershey Challenge. We will play at 15 minutes a time control. It is unrated right now with the goal of making it USCF-rated by the Fall as families get the USCF membership. Purchase here!

August 3rd
Coaching & Open Play
Coaches will work with players from 6:30-7:00 and open play will be available until close.

GRCC Kidz Upcoming Weekend Event

2021 West Michigan Championship Tune-Up
Where: GRCC Main Campus
When: August 7th, 2021
Registration: 9:00-9:45
Membership: USCF Membership Required to Play (Purchase here!)
Cost: $25 for non-GRCC members; $20 for GRCC Members
Round 1 – 10:00
Round 2 – 11:00
Round 3 – 12:00
Round 4 – 1:00
Round 5 – 2:00
Prizes – 3:00

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