Report! West Michigan Tune-Up

Our 2021-2022 tournament calendar began with an extremely tough event! The West Michigan Tune-Up, which is designed to help players prepare for the fall tournament calendar locally and regionally, was filled with strong players in the open section. 23 players participated in all with 17 in the Open and 6 in the scholastic.

The open section ended with a shared first place between Hunter Reed and out-of-towner Randall Warners scoring 3.5/4. Reed showed his textbook stability and technical skills winning tough endgames against Josh Sprague and almost converting a rook and pawn ending against Nick Schwerin. Randall Warners played a great event outperforming his rating considerably. He drew Michael Brooks, beat Daniel Chang, and also beat Nick Schwerin!

It was great to get to know Randall and we expect him back for more events. With family in the area he said “if there is a Saturday tournament here, I’m plan to be here!”. We would love to have you Randall.

Michael and Will Brooks ended the last round with a well-played draw to share third with 3/4, unblemished in a tough section. We had some drive from Lansing and two from the Chicago area. Keep coming out guys! You can check the ratings report here: US Chess MSA – Cross Table for WEST MICHIGAN TUNE-UP OPEN (Event 202108097962)

Our scholastic section had several new players to our events and the area and everyone had a blast competing. In first place Samedh (new member at GRCC!) took first place with 5/5. He was able to score a victory over 2nd place finisher Gavin Parm to ensure first place. Other youngsters and first-time players enjoyed a fun time with five rounds throughout the day. We hope to see them all again! You can see the tournament report here: US Chess MSA – Cross Table for WEST MICHIGAN SCHOLASTIC TUNE-UP (Event 202108098062)

Our next event is our Fall Action event on September 18th. A big prize fund for this one based on big participation. Check it out here!

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