September 1st – SSCC at the Park!

Join us at Riverside Park for some casual chess! Blitz, slow, training games, openings practice, or just a good time come on out! Where? In the main entrance there is a parking lot. Behind the blue building right next to the parking lot there is a set of picnic tables. We will be there around 6:30!

September 15th – Tony Palmer Memorial Blitz Fundraiser (RIVERSIDE PARK LOCATION)

In honor of Dr. Tony Palmer the Grand Rapids Chess Center and Spencer St. Chess Club will be hosting a blitz tournament in his honor. To honor Dr. Palmer all proceeds will be donated to the Holland Chess Academy to support their continued excellence.

We will play G/5 with no delay. This event will be USCF blitz rated. If we have enough players that do not have current USCF memberships we will offer an unrated section. We will play 6-7 rounds depending on attendance.

Entry Fee: $10
There is no prize fund as we want as much money as possible to go to the Holland Chess Academy. Please bring CASH ONLY.

We will start the tournament around 7:00 and it will be played at RIVERSIDE PARK. If you drive in the main entrance there is a parking area with a big building next to it. Behind that building is a picnic area. We will be playing there.