G.R.C.C. Calendar and Events


NOTE: Masks now required during in-person meeting times.

January 19th – Arena Blitz Night!

We will host a G/5+2 online arena blitz night at our Chess.com online chess club. Search Grand Rapids Chess Center on Chess.com and join the club. Things will start at 7:00 PM!

January 26th – First Meeting 2021!

We are back everyone! It is official, our building location is open to our group starting January 26th. So, please join us at 1000 Aberdeen St NE in Grand Rapids at Aberdeen Reformed Church from 6:30 until 9:00. Our 2020 Fall Swiss will continue with round three starting at 7:00. Casual play is open to any and all.

February 2nd – 2020 Fall Swiss Round 4 & Casual Play

We are back in February for the final round of our Fall Swiss. Casual play is also open for anyone that wants to stop by. Address: 1000 Aberdeen St NE in Grand Rapids at Aberdeen Reformed Church.

February 9th – GRCC G/20 +5 February Challenge

We will spend two weeks playing USCF-rated rapid play. Two rounds on the 9th and the final two rounds on the 16th. USCF memberships can be purchased on site or they can be purchased online. Casual play is open as well. All are welcome!

February 16th – GRCC G/20 +5 February Challenge

We will complete the final two rounds of our USCF-rated rapid challenge. Casual play is welcome too!

February 23rd – Lecture Night with VP Henry Rankin

More information is coming but our 4th meetings are always educational. Driven for improving and newer players these lectures will be a resource for our club to help them improve and grow. Casual play will also be available!

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