G.R.C.C. Hall of Winners

Here you will find records and links to the winners of our official events. This will show title-holders, defending, champions and more! Enjoy.

We will also post our regional championship events hosted by the Grand Rapids Chess Center alongside Spencer St. Chess Club winners and champions.

G.R.C.C. Tournament Champions & Winners

2018 Champions

2018 Grand Rapids Spring Classic Champion – FM Joshua Posthuma (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2018 Grand Rapids Spring Classic Reserve ChampionVishal Swamy (CROSSTBALE HERE)
2018 West Michigan Champion – Will Brooks (by tiebreak, CROSSTABLE HERE)
2018 West Michigan Runner-Up – Tony Palmer (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2018 West Michigan U1500 Champion – Jason Shi (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2018 West Michigan U1000 Champion – Saachi Rajgarhia (CROSSTABLE)

2019 Champions

2019 Grand Rapids Spring Classic Champion – Chris Hankinson (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2019 Grand Rapids Spring Classic Runner-Ups – Eugene Brumley and Michael Brooks (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2019 Grand Rapids Spring Classic Reserve Champion – Timothy De Groot (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2019 West Michigan Champion – Bill Fuller (by tiebreak, CROSSTABLE HERE)
2019 West Michigan Runner-Up – Michael Brooks (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2019 West Michigan Reserve Champion -Timothy De Groot (CROSSTABLE HERE)

S.S.C.C. Month-Long Swiss Tournaments

These events are the backbone of our rated play at Spencer Street. Here lists the winners of all these events. These are usually played at G/60 time controls and are four rounds long. 

2017 Fall Swiss Winner – Michael Brooks 4/4 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2018 Winter Swiss Winner – Michael Brooks 4/4 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2018 SSCC Spring Tune-Up Winner – Ian McFarland & Michael Brooks 2.5/3 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2018 Summer Swiss Winner – Michael Brooks 3.5/4 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2018 Fall Swiss Winner – Bob Savage 4/4 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2019 Spring Swiss Winner – Michael Brooks 2.5/3 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2019 Club Champion – Hunter Reed 3/4 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2019 Club U1400 Champion – Justin Davito & Ian McFarland 3/4 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2019 Fall Swiss Winner – Benjamin Linsk 3.5/4 (CROSSTABLE HERE

Annual Spencer St. Chess Club Club/GRCC Blitz Champions

A list of winners from our yearly blitz championship events.

2018 Club Blitz Champion – Dr. Tony Palmer 7/7 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2018 Halloween Blitz Winner – Owen Shriver 6/6 – (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2019 Club Blitz Championship – Kevin Czuhai

GRCC Rapid Event Winners

A list of winners from our rapid chess events held at the chess club.

2018 February Rapid Winner – Isaac Zylstra 3/3 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2018 March Rapid Winner – Hunter Reed 2.5/3 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2018 Quad Knight #1 Winner – Owen Shriver 3/3 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2018 December Rapid Marathon Champion – Hunter Reed 5/6 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2019 February Rapid Winner – Michael Brooks 3/3 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2019 May Rapid Winner – Kevin Czuhai 4/4 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2019 August Rapid Winner – Ratko Bojanovic 3/3 (CROSSTABLE HERE)

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