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NEW ANNOUNCEMENT! 3/23 — For the Grand Rapids Chess Center to continue its vision of expanding and promoting chess in the greater Grand Rapids area as well as around West Michigan we will be requiring yearly memberships to attend our regular chess center meetings. If you are not a member you will be given 2 guest attendances that are free before being charged a guest fee of $10 to attend.

April 6th we will have membership forms (to be posted soon) to be filled out. There will be two levels of memberships, basic and partner. Basic will be $35 a year and will give you free access to each Tuesday meeting. It will also give you a $5 discount off any of our weekend events throughout the year. It is a great deal. The partner membership will be $45, and will grant the same benefits. But, you will be included as a partner, recognized on our website, and the extra cost will go toward our continued efforts to grow chess.

Go here for information!

Casual play is available all night!

White to Move and draw! Try to solve this difficult puzzle. Credit: Chessendgames.net (Solution available here)

Who Are We?

The Grand Rapids Chess Center is an organization whose goal is to see chess grow in the Grand Rapids and greater West Michigan area. We do this by partnering with people and organizations to offer events and opportunities at a variety of locations.

To learn about our structure and how to get involved please CLICK HERE.

G.R.C.C. Campuses & Meetings

We currently offer regular events and club meetings. If you are interested in connecting with one of these groups please click HERE or on the title above. Looking to start a regular group and become a sponsored campus of the Grand Rapids Chess Center? Please use the contact form below to reach out to us.

Scholastic & Community Initiatives

Part of our mission in growing chess in the Grand Rapids & Greater Grand Rapids area is to encourage and support scholastic and community opportunities. Check out what we are doing and how you can help out!

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Check out our events calendar to join a local chess tournament or special event.


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