Training Opportunities

GRCC Homework Club! (Ongoing)

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to train with President Michael Brooks. An experienced coach of over 15 years is excited to help players 1500 and under. He runs our GRCC Homework Club and sends out four positions a month for players to study and solve. Then, when you return your analysis of the position he gives regular feedback. Hours of training and interaction for just $20/a month! Check it out here!

GRCC Kidz Group Class – “Making Good Decisions in Chess!” (December 21st)

Our GRCC Kidz program can participate in a group class that will start at 7:00PM.

A group class is launching for our GRCC Kidz! This class will be only $10 for our GRCC Kidz members. $15 for non-members. Instructor and GRCC President Michael Brooks will give a 30-40 minute class for students of any age. The class will take place from 7:00-7:45PM and will include conversation and problem-solving so the students get in on the action. The focus will be on making good decisions in their chess games. We will discuss: What makes a good decision? What questions should we ask while we play? You will not want to miss this, plus a guide parents will be sent home with to help remind their students on how to make a good decision in their games.

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