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For our students and teachers school is back in session in the fall. For many of us, we may feel that our chess skills need a similar structure and personal training. A key to chess growth is learning how to understand, analyze, evaluate, and calculate a position to find the best move or plan. Another key is getting specific feedback that is personal to you. This kind of training is quite difficult to do on your own! The GRCC now has an opportunity for those interested! It is the Homework Club led by FM Joshua Posthuma!

FM Joshua Posthuma

Inspired by Killer Chess Academy we are launching our own homework club. What is the big idea? Homework club is where our experienced trainer sends you in an email PDF with six positions on it twice a month. These positions are meant to be studied deeply by the player at home. After studying the positions the player then sends their analysis and comments input directly into the PDF (using a PDF tool like Lumin of Adobe) to FM Posthuma for personal feedback and grading.

What are the benefits? Personal feedback exposing weaknesses, praising strengths, helping you spot new ideas, creating new patters and helping you improve in your problem solving and understanding at the chess board which is the most important part of improving in chess. It is a rich opportunity for improvement!

Logistics: FM Joshua Posthuma will send out the positions the first and third Saturday of each month and will give feedback throughout as he receives the completed homework.

Purchase the subscription below and receive the details each month!

Only $33/a month!
Pay Now to Enroll and Start September 1st, 2021

Contact Information for Questions: grandrapidschesscenter@gmail.com

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