GRCC Training Camps

Inspired by top-level training experiences the GRCC would like to offer players the opportunity to accelerate their improvement through compact training camps. Training camps are structured learning camps where teaching and practical exercises are combined to create a truly engaging and powerful learning opportunity. Top players take this approach to improve and so the Grand Rapids Chess Center wants to take this excellent training approach for our beginner and new players to fast-track them to competitive success. Designed for older elementary students as well as adult players participants will enjoy a competitive, fun, and engaging environment. Check out our offerings below.

Training Camp Schedule

Summer Training Camp #2 – Pawns: The Guide to Planning

In this camp, designed for players new to the game, scholastic, or lower USCF class players, players will learn how to look at their pawn structure to help them create a plan. Pawns are the most static feature in chess and these are the guardrails to our planning.

Where: Main Campus, Northlawn United Methodist Church (1157 Northlawn St NE, Grand Rapids)
When: August 31st, 6:45-9:00
Cost: $30
GRCC Member Cost: $20
Participant Value: You will receive over two hours of intense instruction and practical testing in a fun an engaging way. You will also receive a set of test puzzle positions to take home and explore with explanations provided.

Register here and bring payment upon arrival.

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