Getting Involved

We want to see chess continue to grow in the Grand Rapids and greater West Michigan area. To see that continue to happen we need more organizers and enthusiasts getting involved. There are a number of ways to become involved.

Scholastic Initiatives & Clubs

Scholastic chess initiatives are a necessary and important part of growing chess in any region. If you have an interest and opportunity to promote scholastic chess by starting an after-school program or club please contact us. We are launching a scholastic league that you can be a part of!

Becoming an Official USCF Tournament Director

This is easier than you probably think it is! It is free and only requires passing an open-book test to become a certified tournament director. We want to run more events and to do that we need more tournament directors. Locale tournament directors will enjoy being a gateway to helping scholastic and adult players begin their journey in the competitive world of chess. Running a tournament is not as difficult as you think! Contact us if you are interested.

Partnership in Hosting Events

We would love to help you offer chess in your community. Through partnership with the Grand Rapids Chess Center we can help you bring chess to where you live and work. Contact us for what a partnership would look like!

Director – Michael Brooks

Asst. Director & Scholastic Intiative Director – Henry Rankin

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