Scholastic & Community Initiatives

An essential part of the mission of the G.R.C.C. is to support the growth of scholastic chess in the Grand Rapids and Greater Grand Rapids area. Below you will see a listing of our initiatives. If you are interested in supporting G.R.C.C. in growing scholastic chess please contact Henry Rankin at

GRCC Scholastic Summer Academy

We are proud to announce the GRCC 2021 Summer Academy! It will be an 8-10 week scholastic academy program designed for students 2nd – 12th grade. We will schedule this on Saturdays to fit the schedules of most families. The GRCC will staff 1 lead teacher and we will need several volunteer facilitators. If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to us at:

If you are a parent of a student that loves chess get ready for a great academy next summer which will feature teaching, competitive play, and a summer scholastic tournament to cap it all off. More details to come!

After-School Chess Clubs

If you are interested in getting an after-school program going at your school, we can equip you and a team of volunteers to get it going. Contact us at to plan for next year!

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