Grand Rapids Summer Open

Get in one last tournament in August before school starts and the busy fall schedule. An epic day of chess is in store!

Join us August 13th for a huge event in Grand Rapids! A intense one-day open tournament with exciting prizes. Based upon attendance there is a $1800 prize fund. We will host an Open section and a Booster section. The Booster will be played at quicker time controls and will have it’s own prize fund and is for U1000 players.

There will be special prizes in the open section. Top Junior, Top Female, and Top Senior prizes will be awarded! It will be an exciting day where the open section plays five rounds and so does the booster. Check out the information below!

2000+ is $20 lower entry fee.

Registration List:

USCF Rated, GRCC membership gives discount. MCA memberships checked on-site for MI players.

When: August 13th, 2022

Where: Hosted by the Grand Rapids Chess Center (1157 Northlawn St NE, Grand Rapids)

Sections: Open, Booster (U1000)


Open: $65 ($10 less for GRCC Membership); $45 for 2000+ rated players.
Booster: $50 ($10 less for GRCC Membership)

Time Controls:

Open: G/40;d10
Booster (U1000): G/20;d5

On-Site Check-in/Registration 8:15-8:45AM (pre-registered players will be paired round 1)

Round 1 – 9:00
Round 2 – 11:00
Round 3 – 1:30
Round 4 – 3:30
Round 5 – 5:15

Round 1 – 9:30
Round 2 – 10:30
Round 3 – 12:00
Round 4 – 1:00
Round 5 – 2:15

Open Prizes (b/40):

1st – $400
2nd – $300
3rd – $200
Top Womens – $200
Top Junior (U18) – $200
Top Senior (55+) – $200

Booster Prizes (b/20):
1st – $200
2nd – $100

Prizes will be adjusted by percentage based upon attendance.

Registration List:

To register, pay using the link below AND fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Open Section Registration

This is registration for the open section without the GRCC discount.


Open Section Registration for GRCC Member

This registration is for the open section as a person who is an active member with the GRCC.


Open Section Registration for 2000+

This registration is for the open section for players rated above 2000.


Booster Section Registration

This registration is for the booster section for players who are not GRCC members.


Booster Section Registration for GRCC Members

This registration is for the booster section for members of the GRCC.


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