2023 New Year Chess Special (January 14-15)

Our New Year Swiss is expanding to offer some Friday night events before the main event on Saturday. Friday night we will run our Grand Rapids G/10 Championship on top of our normal chess tournament on Saturday. Check out the details below!

All events will be run at Northlawn United Methodist Church in Grand Rapids.

Friday – 1st Annual Grand Rapids G/10 Championship

Format: 6 Rounds, G/10;d0, OPEN FORMAT
Requirements: USCF Membership Required
Entry Fee: $30
Prizes (b/20):
1st Place – $200
2nd Place – $100

Registration and Check-In: 6:00-6:30
Round 1: 6:30
Round 2: 7:00
Round 3: 7:30
Round 4: 8:00
Round 5: 8:30
Round 6: 9:00

Register by paying below AND filling out the form.

GR G/10 Championship Registration

For registration for this event.


Saturday – 2nd Annual New Year Swiss

Join us for our popular New Year Swiss event! This event will be played in two sections, Premiere (1600+) and Reserve (U1600). We will play G/40;d10 across four rounds. Check it out below.

Format: 4 Rounds, G/40;d10, Premiere and Reserve
Entry Fee: $45 ($40 for GRCC Members)
Prizes (b/30):
Premiere 1st – $300
Premiere 2nd – $150
Reserve 1st – $200
Prize fund will be adjusted based upon turnout.

Registration/Check-In – 9:15-9:45
Round 1 – 10:00
Round 2 – 12:45
Round 3 – 2:45
Round 4 – 4:45

To register please pay below and fill out the form.

GRCC Swiss Registration

For active, currentmembers of the Grand Rapids chess center.


Non-GRCC Member Swiss Registration

For anyone not an active, current member of the Grand Rapids Chess Center.


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