The Grand Rapids Chess Center, in an effort offer more chess opportunities, will be offering a new and exciting USCF-rated online chess tournament. It will be a double-round robin style event where the burden is on the players to arrange a time to play. See details below:

Format: We will play an ONLINE RATED USCF rapid event at time control of 15+5. Anyone that signs up must give out their email and cell phone number, as well as the best method of communication. We will play in sections of up to 6 players and will form sections based upon USCF rating and demand.

Entry Fee: $15

Prize Fund: 1st Place 80% of entry fees.

Mechanics: Players will be seeded and given their list of opponents. They will play each opponent one white and one black. There is no order or requirement upon players to play in a certain order. It is the player’s responsibility to make plans to play.

As results are sent in they will be tallied at the GRCC Website and tracked publicly, there. It is up to players to initiate contact and ensure the games are played. It is recommended to try to play the games back-to-back for ease of scheduling. This means players will get 10 USCF-online-rated game.

Requirements: To help avoid cheating and to ensure fair play the following rules are in place. The games must be completed by the below stated deadline. After the games are played each player must send a copy of the PGN game files. They must be sent to Tournament Director Michael Brooks at This will be used to verify that no cheating has occurred and will also be used for a future publication of the event.

Sign Up Opens – November 9th

Sign Up Closes – November 30th

Tournament Start – December 1st

Tournament End – February 15th


Group A
#1 Eugene Brumley
#2 Clara McGrew

#3 Stan Jarosz
#4 Isaac Zylstra
#5 Will Brooks
#6 Adam Parada

Group B
#1 Henry Rankin
#2 Larry Waite
#3 Don Brooks
#4 Arie Lyles
#5 Dan Manning